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Jan 9th, 2022

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TouchPal Keyboard is a keyboard for Android devices that allows you to use a series of shortcuts that enable you to type much more quickly.

Like the majority of other alternative keyboards available for Android, TouchPal Keyboard includes an automized, improved word corrector that will fix any small typos that you make while typing. That helps you type more fluidly since you don't have to go back and fix individual letters or other mistakes.

TouchPal Keyboard also remembers the majority of the words that you write, and the order in which you write them. That means that the more you use the app, the better it gets at predicting what you're going to say next.

Thanks to the shortcuts, you'll be able to write numbers and other symbols without having to switch keyboards (which can get to be pretty annoying and really affects your typing flow). And you can switch between erasing single letters or whole words by swiping your finger over the delete button.

TouchPal Keyboard is a comprehensive keyboard with tons of interesting features as well as attractive customization options. You can take advantage of its numerous skins to give yourself a completely new, unique keyboard.
Reviewed by Andrés López

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Package Name com.cootek.smartinputv5
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Keyboards
Language English
38 more
Author TouchPal
Downloads 2,101,335
Date Jan 9th, 2022
Content Rating +3

Older versions May 5th, 2022 Jan 4th, 2021 Apr 28th, 2021 Apr 13th, 2021 Apr 6th, 2022 Oct 15th, 2021

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34 reviews


aguacat icon
aguacat in 2020

It was the best T9 or 3x4 it was intuitive, smart, robust but austere, it had an incredible configuration panel. It was the best NOW IT'S A VIRUS! And while Google's sucks, it's safe. Gonna miss it, I...

heavyblueblueberry32252 icon
heavyblueblueberry32252 in 2020

How can i clear my clip bard data ?please tell me something about this

beautifulbluerabbit31757 icon
beautifulbluerabbit31757 in 2020

Stupid application

crazypinkelephant61825 icon
crazypinkelephant61825 in 2020

TouchPal Keyboard Vision Not found in Google Play Store To install, Why, does not work,

sillyvioletsnail10012 icon
sillyvioletsnail10012 in 2020

Its a very cool... Until last night... My touchpal keyboard is talking.... Everytime i press a letter it speak... What happen to this..??? Pls help me... ????????????

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